The Queen of Hearts

…has brought us some new handbags! From the girliest girl we could ever meet comes a new stash of heart-embossed handbags: Betsey Johnson favorites (some older and some soon-to-be) are now at Just Jane. Just in time for Valentine’s Day and for you to drop a hint to the loved one to pick up one of these beauties…or for YOU to treat YOURSELF because no one’s actually single – some of us just prefer dating FREEDOM. Got me? Good. Now if only it was that easy to pick just one…



In celebration of the Destiny’s Child reunion at the Beyonce concert yesterday (ahem, Superbowl), we’re TALKING ABOUT COLOR….brought to you by Destiny’s Child 2000 tune, Say My Name.

Ready to branch out of a wintertime-induced color rut? The sun is shining here in AZ and since Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, expect an early spring!!! Feeling inspired? Look at our vivid new additions to the Just Jane family of accessories:

2076975-p-MULTIVIEW The BCBGeneration Quinn in Sherbertmeli-bianco-louisa-mangoThe Melie Bianco Louisa in Mango meli-bianco-pauline-orangeMelie Bianco Pauline in Orange steve-madden-regan-mintThe Steve Madden Regan in Mint IMG_0760

Pastel patent leather tote from Betsey Johnson

New Purses!

Spring has (not) sprung but beautiful, springy new handbags have sprouted at Just Jane! From Melie Bianco to Steve Madden, bags in bright pastels, peachy corals and pretty creams have landed on our doorstep. Peep below to see some of our new favorites:
WP_000148 WP_000149 WP_000150 WP_000152 WP_000153 WP_000154 WP_000158 WP_000159


Beauty Bang

So you know we love to pair everything with a great handbag, as we live, breathe and die handbags here at Just Jane. We’ve covered everything from shoes to hairstyles (though, shoes can always use a little more love, if you ask me) and today, we’re giving you a little glimpse which beauty trends we love fit best with the newest handbags we love. Got a thing for eyeliner? Make it pop! Adore yourself some crazy lashes? The bolder, the better. Keeping the look fresh and classic? All reds are welcome..

Now, what are we talking about and how do these pair up with your favorite accessory?

1. Keep those red lips matte and pair with a tough black handbag for a don’t-mess-with-Texas Audrey vibe. There’s nothing sexier than red lips and an attitude. Seen at Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013, paired with the Steve Madden Idoll satchel.

PicMonkey Collage2. Twiggy did them first, but thanks to the Kardashians, bold lashes will equal beautiful forever. Whether you were born with it or glued them on (like most of us) a subtly glamourous tote does not take away from and only expounds the shock factor. Beautified at Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013, paired with the BCBGeneration Mason tote in gunmetal.PicMonkey Collage2 3. It seems a little 80s, but just stay from the colored mascara and crazy eyeshadow, leave it to the liner to add a pop of color and your teal-rimmed eyes will light up the night (or day). Any shade of blue or green or blue/green will do, and it’s even prettier a little smudged. Capitalize on the color with one of Spring’s pastel blue bags. Paraded at Stella McCartney Spring 2013, paired with the Steve Madden Regan crossbody in mint.  PicMonkey Collage3All model photos via Harpers Bazaar


Pink Pandamonium

Similar to the fact that I’ve been slacking on the Just Jane blog is the obvious statement that pink equals spring and spring equals pink. As a girl who adores pink but cannot wear it and does not feel right in a room full of Barbies and people in pink lipstick, pink has to be the exact right shade for me – and you may agree. Pink has to be either shocking, bright and scandalous or soft, subtle and virginal. I love me an obnoxious pink neon or that type of pretty, ethereal pink that makes you think of babies and macarons, but hand me a bag in a Pepto-Bismal shade and I’m bound to do exactly what Pepto-Bismal is supposed to help you avoid. This is why I’m ecstatic that pastels are back for Spring, and while they’re showing up in toughened styles with studs and silver and black or cognac, this season’s pink is as soft as baby’s bottom. No idea what’s going on? Need to be convinced that pink isn’t as sickeningly sweet as its poor reputation expounds? Then take a look…


The Steve Madden Fringie in Blush


The Steve Madden Regan in Blush


Christian Louboutin


Riesling with Me, Please Dress via Modcloth


See? Hot hot HOT pink works too. Kate Spade, Kate Spade, Kate Spade.


Alexander McQueen

We love how brilliantly light this nail polish is!151996556143955770_FkNxr4HU_c Can YOU wrap your head around this feminine trend? Or is this shade of rose a classic? Let us know below!

Our Favorite Bags from 2012

1238_10152386630165165_806093965_nIt seems that 2012 was a big year for a lot of people, Just Jane included. While we have some even BIGGER (and we mean huge) things happening in 2013, we can’t forget the year Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden and BCBG landed on our doorsteps and we certainly can’t forget how wonderful our loyal customers have been and how wonderful it has been to meet new ones. As the year has gone by, you have shown your love for us as we watch stunning handbag after stunning handbag find new homes in your arms. We want to thank YOU for being so involved in our business and we promise that we will continue to bring you the most stylish accessories around in 2013! Now, without further ado, here are our most favorite (and your most favorite) bags of 2012:

1. Melie Bianco Mirabelle

31FlnCUaDKL2. Melie Bianco Monica 51M3jv9-D4L 3. Loungefly Sugar Skull18364. Big Buddha Windsor 181168_10152005723260165_466045476_n 5. Big Buddha Belize224378_10152015120345165_706735704_n6. Melie Bianco Kim 300333_10151003797752827_57262598_n 7. Danielle Nicole Ryan Toteryan_tote_bronze_large 8. Big Buddha Ziggy400489_10151158776735165_499256949_n9. Melie Bianco Allison 429074_10151395409670165_1246890942_n 10. Melie Bianco Louisa431275_10151233356515165_1510734093_n11. Big Buddha Addison big-buddha-addison-black_1_112. Big Buddha Perry big-buddha-perry-burgundyWhat were YOUR favorite handbags of 2012? Will they carry well into 2013? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!